Please support our ride by helping us raise as much money as possible for the fantastic local volunteer group ED-YARD in Glasgow which runs an exercise class for disabled people

ED-YARD (Eastwood District-Yoga & Relaxation for the Disabled) is a weekly class in the southside of Glasgow that brings together people with a variety of disabilities and enables them to get out the house, meet people, take part in gentle exercise and relaxation activities and most importantly have some fun and a blether!

My (Barry’s) mum has multiple sclerosis and has been going to the group for several years where she has made many friends and benefitted greatly from the enthusiasm, support and goodwill of all the volunteer carers.

The group relies on small contributions from those who attend the classes therefore has little funding to maintain or upgrade equipment. We would love to raise enough money to cover the costs of buying some new bits and pieces (e.g. exercise mats & bars, modified exercise bike for wheelchair users).

This really is a cause where even a modest amount of money raised will make an almost immediate and tangible difference. So please help us by donating whatever you can - we are grateful for any sponsorship you can give us (e.g. 1p per mile = £10!).

To donate online please use the "Donate" links to Paypal or the widget below which take you to a dedicated page for our cycle where you can donate securely using credit/debit cards - there's no need to have a PayPal account. PayPal charge a very small fee (to us) per transaction but to ensure the full value of all donations goes to ED-YARD we will match the total fee for all donations.

Barry & Mike