Another pannier-laden 53 miles under the belt this weekend after Fife rendezvous at the Miller's in Cardenden. Didn't realise there was any wind until turning round in Fife - that'll be why things felt so good on the way up...knew it was too good to be true! Poor Mike did the whole 65 miles from Dundee to Ed against it but then you'd think cycling away from Dundee would be incentive enough to keep you motoring along! Never cycled in anything like it on way back across FRB...don't think the 15mph speed limit was ever in danger! To the weather gods: give us rain, hail, sleet, thunder, lightning, just don't give us any wind on LEJOG...unless it's right behind us pushing us serenely toward our next Big Mac (btw we'll need around 170 of these, that's 12 a day each on the trip to meet our calorie demands...or once we're in Scotland we can just have a fried pizza supper and roll n' fritter every couple of days.
Mike Miller
23/5/2011 05:59:54

Windy!! Wow, nearly had to get off and push on the FRB! Impressed with the route stages on the website - although the inclines going through the cairngorms look a bit scary!! Taking my bike to Fort William this weekend so will try do some training

17/7/2012 17:11:31

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